14th July 2019

We invite all bird enthusiasts and members of the general public to attend the Parrot Society of Australia (NSW) Inc Annual Bird Sale.


The Sale will be held at the: 

The Hawkesbury Showground

Philip Charley Pavilion 

Racecourse Road, Clarendon 

For additional information and bookings

Contact Dean Baker 0411 578 996 or Cheryl Levigne 0414 415 076 

Public Entry

All People must purchase a wristband for entry to sale/trade areas


There is plenty of onsite parking available areas within the grounds. Disabled parking is located at the venue.

Buyers must enter via Gate 1 closest to the Railway line

Sellers Must Enter via Gate 3  


Starting Times

The bird sale opens to buyers and members of the general public

from  10:00 am-2:00 pm

The trade stands are available from 8:00 am-2:00 pm to buy all your bird accessories including seed.


What To Expect

Hundreds of people travel from interstate, rural and surrounding areas to the Parrot Society of Australia (NSW) Inc Bird Sale held every year in July. People gather to buy and sell birds or buy related products and accessories. It is a great way of keeping informed and up to date with new and improved products. Many people also gather to meet old friends and catch up, while others bring the family as a perfect way to introduce their children to bird keeping or to see birds that many haven't seen before.

On the day you can meet and talk to people from all walks of life who have a common interest ... aviculture On display and for sale members will have all sorts of parrots, lorys and lorikeets, finches, canaries, parrots and cockatoos to name a few. Come and witness the majestic beauty of the large and exotic birds like Macaws, African greys and Amazons. Or be mesmerized by the colorful and comedic Rainbow lorikeets and galahs in many different colors to any you might commonly see. Starting out? Come and look at the array of colorful and beautiful little budgies and nearly every parrot in between. You can also meet the breeders who readily give advice on keeping and breeding these different species.

Trade Stand shops will also be there where you can buy all the latest accessories, aviaries, cages, foods and toys for your feathered friend.

A raffle is also held on the day, to help raise money for the club and its supported charity.

The facility also has plenty of hot food and drink at a number of canteens including the club's own BBQ.

Access to the sale is for everyone and the flat level ground is perfect for prams, wheelchairs and walking frames etc.

The club will also have the services of Cannon and Ball Veterinary Surgeons for general health checks and/or surgical sexing if required. 


Camping Available

For our intrastate and interstate guest, camping facilities will be available onsite for a fee. 

There is a limited number of available spaces.

Please contact The President to discuss and arrange a booking. 

Need Money? The closest ATM

There will be an ATM on site - Fees may apply for use


The bird sale requires the assistance on sponsors to operate. If you would like to sponsor our event please use the button below.

For more information click on the pictures.


Parrot Society


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